GEOS Travel Security

Global risk management solution dedicated to international mobility

Considering the information and security obligations imposed by the Duty of Care, a complete and adapted response to the needs of different populations of the company is necessary.
The GEOS Travel Security platform, a comprehensive risk management solution built around country risk information and travellers’ tracking, provides the following answers:

  • Country Risk Information

The updated country reports and automatised alerting system allow the traveller and expatriate to carry out their mission with serenity and provide the company a decision-making tool for its development strategy and business continuity.

  • Travellers’ tracking

Travellers and expatriates’ tracking through travel data (Passenger Name Record - PNR) offers a vision at any time of all its employees’ travels worldwide and ensures compliance with security rules defined by the travel policy of the company.

  • Geolocation & operational support

GPS travellers or expatriates’ tracking, their information and the ability to access advice and assistance in case of crisis are made available via a dedicated mobile application. The flexibility of this system allows a deployment only in relevant cases (risk level of the travel area, traveller’s status, etc.).            


GEOS Daily Brief - Extracts




The Malaysian authorities have issued an alert this morning on maritime activities off the state of Malacca.


GEOS analysis:


According to the Malaysian Marine Police, several cases of extortion involving suspected pirates posing as the Indonesian Navy have been reported in recent weeks. These actions have yet all been directed against…


Suicide attack - TURKEY



A suicide-attack was reported this morning on the Sultanahmet place in the historic centre of Istanbul, killing 10 foreign tourists.


GEOS analysis:


The Turkish authorities confirmed that a suicide attack targeting, this morning, the touristic Sultanahmet place located in the district of Fatih in the centre of Istanbul, killed 10 foreign nationals including 9 Germans and a Peruvian.



News and Publications

Specific security report - TURKEY July 2016

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Specific security reports - ALGERIA

The GEOS Group’s Country Risk Watch and Analysis Department produces, on demand and in a personalized way, ad hoc situation points that provide a specific assessment over a regional, national or localized security situation, designed for travel of one or several collaborators, establishment of activities or a prospecting.

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